Intermediate Lessons

You may already play the guitar a little but want help to improve. You may already know a few chords and want to learn more. I can help you decide how you can improve and what direction your guitar playing could take next.

I can introduce you to new styles, and help you improve your rhythm, lead or fingerstyle technique. You may currently play at home, but want to start playing in public. I can help you to improve your skills, knowledge of the guitar and help you to polish your style and hone your live performances.

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I am now able to provide one to one guitar sessions in person at my home. Video lessons are still available if you prefer. For more information, please visit my Facebook page via the link

Contact Me

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you do happen to phone mid-lesson please leave a message and I'll call you straight back.

mobile: 07926 383737